This is a new way to all content to date, to be able to have access to all the perceptions of MINETEC Smart Mining. The purpose of this website is to have a well-established service partner to the mining industry to be able to give our users more accurate information based on MINETEC Smart Mining. In this way we take pride in introducing new features to our users that will implement easier ways to make their work more environmental. With these updates we ensure you to give you the best experience to date.


This is a process of introducing you the user to a whole new world of modern features of the same services that we usually have to offer to you but just with a newer and better version. MINETEC Smart Mining often releases new versions of software programs. Our mission is to improve performance of our software products through innovative, advanced technology. We want our clients to have customized, easy to perform at its peak.


This is a concept where we focus on the human resource development, where we aim at increasing the knowledge and skills of our employees and those who show interest in our company MINETEC Smart Mining and what it has to offer. MINETEC Smart Mining offers a variety of training services that will assist users to get optimal returns from our software. Depending on whether you are a new user, our comprehensive training will improve your ability and efficiency in using the software.


With this execution the actions are merely aimed at pushing users to use the system and its different features for our users as well as also fully understanding what MINETEC Smart Mining has to offer. This is merely assisting our users to fully understanding more of how our algorithm operates.

Technical Support

With our technical support that is user friendly, we aim at assisting users with quality software, as well as technical support which can be offered to you onsite, or over the phone, through email, with a live-chat interface. With this understanding our users will be able to troubleshoot most of the problems they come across

Hardware Maintenance

This is merely a clear focus that aims at optimizing real time maintenance to be able to be cost effective as well as involving the whole taking care of the computers physical components as well as the parts that form the part of the hardware maintenance program. These are remedial services for maintenance with an option of contract maintenance or per incident repair. Hardware maintenance support also includes telephone. Technical support trouble shooting and assistance for setup and all fee-based hardware warranty support.

On Site Support

Our onsite support includes training which is done onsite and the different types of support services that may also provide hardware, in order to be able to assist users more easily, quickly and efficiently. Essentially MINETEC Smart Mining aims at providing onsite training and support that way our users do not have to change their schedules by leaving workplace to attend training at a different location, they can easily access our online training and support from their personal computers. This way they have access to our support 24 hours electronically.


This is the core of being able to modify MINETEC Smart Mining, in terms of the context that focuses on the users preferences in a way that will target the needs and wants of the user where we are basically customizing it to suit our users cross-boarder differences as well as increasing our users satisfaction while still being able to adapt to MINETEC Smart Mining. In this we can implement a proper digital system with major processes that will improve the system according the industries needs and with modified appearances and features to suit the industry.